How To Use
Get your amazing self out of bed!
Decide to live in juiciness and tune into your unlimited potential. This will turn on your beautiful brain! It's all about the mind and energy here, baby. The body follows your mind and your emotions. The moment you feel beautiful you become beautiful. Check out our book here at
Rev up your divine body with one scoop of BodyLove Chocolicious Greens. Add 3/4 of a glass of filtered water or about six ounces depending on how sweet you like it, then shake in a bottle or blend with ice and you're ready to rock!
If you need a peep up during the day you can always opt for another server of Body/one Chocolicious Greens!
Once you purchase your first jar of BodyLove Chocolicious Greens you will be sent the BodyLove Diet eating plan and shopping list to support your juicy transformation!
Be sure to also get Ingrid's hook if you want a whole slew of juicy affirmations and beauty rituals to support your transformation. You buy the BodyLove Diet book here or commence with your FREE chapter at
If you want to get sexy in the kitchen, then you can experiment with some of our delicious beautifying and nourishing recipes in our Bodylove Diet book. For busy mums, entrepreneurs and executives, simply keep the greens in your bag, car or take them to work for a quick and yummy power boost, baby!
Your BodyLove Chocolicious Greens package arrives with everything you need to eat for beauty and get a rockin' booty.
Make sure you review the meal plan delivered to your inbox and the juicy BodyLove E-book emailed to you as well!
Start your day with the BodyLove Affirmations and your Body/one Chocolicious Greens. Scrumptious, Invigorating and Delightful.
During the day eat yummy whole foods from the eating plan provided. Make sure you keep your mind and emotions centered on your desires for rockin' digestion, metabolic power and endless miracles!
Have another Bodylove Chocolicious Greens drink if you need a pick me up. It's all good.
Do something self-loving in the evening whether it be a juicy girl chat, curling up with a book, cuddles with your lover or relax in a leisurely bath or shower. For powerful beauty sleep to inspire rejuvenation, weight loss and emotional well-being, try to get to bed no later than 9.30 pm most nights! That's it. Simple. Delicious and Super Loving!